Who are these


The Film Dudes are two young dudes from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We share a love for film and its visual language and both graduated from film school in 2015 to pursue our dreams. Working on many feature films, short films and commercials we developed a great deal of knowledge and experience on how to tell a story cinematically- using camera, lenses, light, camera movement and editing. We decided to put this experience into wedding cinematography and so The Film Dudes were born.

Founded in 2016, the main focus of The Film Dudes is to deliver high-quality, cinematic wedding films for our clients national- and international.  

Our Approach

We don’t consider ourselves videographers, because we are not merely registering the day, we use concise choices in our equipment, style, storytelling and editing to tell the personal story of your day as best as we can. Every person is unique and so is every one of our films.   


Our approach is personal and informal and we are focussed on delivering an unforgettable cinematic memory of your wedding. We always film with two dudes. This is to ensure that we won’t miss a moment and that we are always in the right place at the right time. What ever your plans for the day are, we are flexible and adaptive and will capture your most intimate moments on your big day. And also that of your loved-ones, family, friends and other guests.