Terms & Conditions

We regard that all our clients agree to below stipulated terms & conditions when agreeing to an offer send by The Film Dudes. (Herin after named as ‘TFD’) Described and explained below:




1. Booking and Reservations


1.1 Wedding dates can be reserved and held in advance for a maximum of 3 months, after which an agreement must be achieved by accepting the offer and/or mutual agreement.


1.2 A deposit of 25% of the offer amount will be invoiced to the client upon accepting the offer, in order to guarantee the booking. This amount is non-negotiable and non-refundable. The deposits needs to be payed in accordance with Article 4.2.


1.3 In case of rescheduling a wedding date, TFD will not charge an additional fee. TFD holds the right to invoice an additional 25% of the invoice amount if its seems fit. This amount is non-negotiable and non-refundable.


1.4 In case of cancellation of the wedding, TFD holds the right to charge 50% of the amount stipulated in the offer. This amount is excluding any prior deposits and down payments. This amount is non-negotiable and non-refundable.


1.5 In case of Destination Weddings (weddings taking place outside The Netherlands), TFD holds the right to make a fair estimate as of the expenses (i.e. flight, accommodation, transport) and will stipulate this in the offer to the client. These costs will vary on time of booking.


1.6 TFD Holds the right to change and adjusts the prices for its services at any time prior too booking.


2. Filming


2.1 TFD will, after acceptance of the offer, outside employment and at its own expense and risk, perform agreed work for the client.


2.2 TFD aims to provide two personnel at times of filming. However, if TFD doesn’t see the need to deploy two people, TFD reserves the right to determine at its sole discretion how many and/or which personnel will be deployed.


2.3 TFD has the right to have certain activities performed by third parties in the context of the execution of the assignment.


2.4 Expenses and travel costs will be invoiced afterwards when doing assignments outside of The Netherlands. When traveling by car, a kilometer price is used from €0,19. On top of this, any parking costs can be added.


2.5 In regards to weather and to local laws and safety regulations regarding Drone operation, TFD is obligated to respect this and cannot guarantee that Drones can be flown over the wedding venue(s) of the client. Also in case of rain, high winds or extreme temperatures. No additional rights can be derived from this.


2.6 During filming TFD assumes that catering (food and drinks) will be provided for its personnel. And holds the right to declare the costs of any purchased consumable goods to the client.


2.7 In case of a Same-Day Edit (a film which will be filmed, edited and presented on the same day as the wedding venue) The client and/or Wedding venue is to provide for the viewing system on which the Same-Day Film is shown (i.e. beamer, TV and/ or sound-system). TFD is solely responsible for filming and editing the Same-day Film. No additional rights can be derived from this.


3. Editing, Adjustments & Delivery


3.1 Based on the initial feedback, TFD will adjust the film(s). Processing feedback only  once is included in the price as standard. In case of multiple feedback TFD reserves the right to charge an extra price for this. (Art.  3.2) Adjustments must be reasonable in light of the agreed assignment and the fee paid, insofar as the client could reasonably have expected that the adjustments fell within the assignment.


3.2 TFD reserves the right to charge an additional fee of €200 for additional feedback, excluded from the initial feedback, which is included in the price.


3.3 Use of copyrighted material from third parties (e.g. music) is agreed in advance with the client. If the copyrighted material cannot be legally licensed in the correct manner, the client agrees that the risk for the use of this material rests entirely with it. TFD is not liable for any copyright claims.


3.4 TFD aims to deliver all films within 2 months after the wedding date. In case of delay or setbacks TFD will contact the client to come to an arrangement. No rights can be derived from this.


3.5 Physical delivery of the film will be made by means of a USB carrier, which will be sent by postal services to the address provided by the customer. This service is free of charge for clients within The Netherlands. A additional shipping fee may be calculated when the client lives abroad, costs will be varying on the country.


3.6 Online delivery of the film will be a link uploaded to the Vimeo account of TFD to be shared privately.


4. Payment


4.1 Payment of the invoice needs be received within 1 month after the invoice date.


4.2 Payment of any deposits needs to be received within 2 months of the invoice date. TFD holds the right to cancel the booking if otherwise.


5. Privacy


5.1 TFD reserves the right to use the works for its own promotional purposes and publications, including, but not limited to, website, portfolio, advertisements, social media, unless otherwise agreed.


5.2 Objections to the publication stated in 5.2 must be made known to TFD in writing prior to the agreement.

6. Storage and Responsibility


6.1 After completion, TFD will not take any responsibly in the event of loss and/or damage of the film and the footage or its carrier. The responsibility and the proper storage of the film(s) after its completion lies solely with the client.


6.2 TFD will store the completed Film and Footage of the wedding for a maximum of 6 months after the wedding date. After which TFD hold the right to erase all files in order to make room on their storage systems.



7. Liability

7.1 TFD is not liable for any damage caused to the client, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of TFD or his representatives.


7.2 The liability is limited to the amount of the invoice.